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2010 Vortexbox Appliance 1.66 MHz Atom

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  • 2010 Vortexbox Appliance 1.66 MHz Atom

    Can the above machine handle ripping and serving Blu-rays?
    I installed a Samsung Blu-Ray player SH-B123L in the VBA and when playing back a Ripped stream I receive a dialogue box on my HD TV screen stating that the server can’t process the stream I tried other blu-Ray rips as well with the same resulting message.
    [A still image is displayed on my screen and I can hear the audio track].

    I have a gigabyte Ethernet connection ... using Plex via an Apple
    TV4. VB version 2.4.
    Perhaps I need to upgrade my hardware platform?

    Can anyone please advise?
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    Ripping shouldn't be a problem, though it may be a little slow. Playback may be, especially if it is transcoding the video. It would be worth having a look at the Plex logs & seeing if it is transcoding video streams.


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      Thanks Peter I think my Ethernet speed is slow I thought it was1gig Verizon Fios however it is not ... I have to have Verizon Fios Install a Ethernet connection at the ONT outside my house to the router and have my existing router upgraded! Thanks for your reply!