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Mount network drive in 2.4

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    I have finally got around to installing VB 2.4 and now had a look at mounting my NAS via NFS
    Firstly you need nfs-utils

    dnf install nfs-utils
    Then you need to edit /etc/fstab just as you would have done in 2.3

    But because we need direct access to /storage so that ripping will go straight to the correct place on your NAS we now need to tell VB not to mount the internal storage as /storage

    I did that by editing and simly renaming the mount point to be /storageOLD

    I also commented out the lines in that chmod & chown the files on /storage - I may uncomment later.

    Then I set about making any changes I need to make to /etc/ripit/config

    The above works but it wouldn't necessarily survive an upgrade as I have needed to edit 2 core files to achive it.

    The approach is probably a better option if it can unmount the exting /storage and remount it from the NAS. I shall investigate further.


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      In response to Bart, here are the commands I use during install to set the directory "/storage" to mount a CIFS/SMB share from my NAS4Free server. I am using a windows workgroup named "AVIARY" (most people have probably just used the default name "WORKGROUP") and defined a user "media" on the NAS4Free server that has ownership and group access to the media files.

      dnf install -y cifs-utils
      echo "mount.cifs //PELICAN/media /storage -o user=media,pass='+1xxx846yyzz',dom=AVIARY" > /opt/vortexbox/

      (note: I use echo instead of editing the file so I can simply cut & paste into command line from my build notes. Obviously, you can use "nano /opt/vortexbox/" and add the line through the editor.)
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        Why not add a second new hard disk to your Vbox and expand /storage into it ? Easy enough to do, just follow the WiKi.
        Alternatively just clone your existing VBox hard disk (using a clone docking station) onto a much larger new hard disk. Then expand /storage into the new space on the larger new disk. Refit the cloned disk to the Vbox and thats it.