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Plex Media Server 1.15+ No Longer Supported

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  • Plex Media Server 1.15+ No Longer Supported

    It seems as though PMS has shifted to 1.15 and with that requires Fedora 27+.

    VortexBox is currently stuck at 23, and I know there have been a number of posts seeking information with regards to the future plans but I'd just like to add my voice to that.

    My VB has been a revelation, it allowed me to easily rip my physical media, store it and display it on a wide range of devices using Plex. After music and videos I have finally got around to doing the same to my photo collection and so am rather dependant upon this setup.

    I desperately don't want to move away from VB, but think I may need to consider this given my reliance and the need to stay up-to-date with PMS updates.

    Is anybody able to offer an update on this?

    Kind regards

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    I think 99% of people on the forum have the same concerns/questions. Its so frustrating not knowing what is happening despite many requests for information.


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      I have managed to install latest Plex media server beta ( Lifetime Plexpass owner ) after recompiling own kernel on my Vortexbox server. It was latest ( for time when I decided to compile) and till now no issue found. I agree that this is not next-->next-->end step, but it is not rocket science There is official Fedora WIKI how to install vanilla kernel.

      [[email protected] ~]# uname -r
      [[email protected] ~]#
      Good luck.


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        OK I'm intrigued, care to share any further information.

        I've been following this guide (, not sure if that's what you're referring to - however I just cannot get the kernel manually past 23.


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          Originally posted by SB64 View Post
          OK I'm intrigued, care to share any further information.

          I've been following this guide (, not sure if that's what you're referring to - however I just cannot get the kernel manually past 23.
          I have used guide for installing Vanilla kernel:

          You can git clone the source tree or just pickup desired branch from site. There also are thousands of materials in Internet for building the kernel and using old config parameter file.

          First try the procedure on virtual machine for practice and finding best solution.

          Good luck!


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            Plex runs OK on Fedora 25. Use VortexBox 2.5


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              I greatly appreciate your efforts in keeping this excellent OS maintained.

              Just a quick update/question - my post was referring to the latest release of PMS (1.15), which appears to have dropped all support for Fedora below 27. I have managed to update my VB to 2.5, but am I right in saying that this is still not able to run latest release of PMS?

              It seems very difficult to get hold of historic PMS releases and I'm not sure how much support they're going to provide for such versions, even to Plex Pass users.


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                According to the Plex site, the latest version is 1.14. Are you using a beta or?
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                December 14, 2018


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                  Nope just the standard PMS downloads link in the footer; choose Linux and I get 1.15 restricted to 27+.

                  There was a big shout about the fact they were dropping legacy support in the PMS forums awhile back, it's not just Fedora.

                  February 25, 2019

                  It's the same link as you've provided so I can only assume this is restricted to Plex Pass subscribers at present - of course assuming you aren't one?


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                    The following post in the Plex forums gives a little more information:
                    • RedHat/CentOS/Fedora Plex Media Server now only supports running on systemd-based versions of these distros. In addition, CentOS 6 is no longer supported due to an incompatible GLIBC version (PMS on Linux now requires GLIBC 2.14 or newer)
                    Given the need for systemd and GLIBC 2.14+ I'm pretty sure that a manual installation of this would work - however I'm slightly concerned by the lack of an automatic update option in PMS, the wording on the download page (27+) and the fact that some people have reported that it effectively bricks their older, incompatible systems.


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                      FYI, per above, I am Lifetime Plex Pass and my Server SETTINGS web interface version says:
                      Version [GREEN_CHECK] Up-to-Date

                      Also, for me, the www link I provided above still shows 1.14 as the latest version for LINUX too.
                      I have seen that this is apparently a fairly common problem without a solution from the folks at PLEX.
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                        Just to provide an update - I took the plunge and manually updated the PMS package.

                        All looking good -> Version