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Can a Paradigm PW800, be converted into a VortexBox device?

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  • Can a Paradigm PW800, be converted into a VortexBox device?

    I was given a Paradigm PW800. On it's own it is a super nice boom box, if it could also be a VortexBox, that would be too sweet. Out of the box it wants to use the company software, DTS Play-Fi. Does anyone know how to convert the Paradigm PW800 to act as VortexBox (Connect to my network, be able to sync with other VortexBox devices)? We have two other VortexBox players that are synced. If it is possible to use the PW800 as VB, that would be pretty sweet. Worse case, I could add another VB (Raspberry Pi, VB) and connect to the PW800 through an analog input. Any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

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    Highly unlikely. It seems you want it to be a player only (not a full blown Vortexbox that is also a server and maybe a ripper). But even that seems unlikely, unless there is someway to make the wireless speaker accept upnp/dnla feed from your music server. Easiest approach is to get a Rpi and use it as your player then connect that to the analog input of the speaker.


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      That is what I was thinking as well. That way I can have all of the Rpi players the house be synced. Thanks for the reply.


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        Follow instructions here and very simple to make a player.


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          It may be possible. Does it support DLNA? or music from an SMB share?