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Vortexbox x86_64 or i386

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  • Vortexbox x86_64 or i386

    Couple of questions is vortexbox2.4 built on Fedora x86_64 or i386?

    Also why is Fedora the base system as opposed to say Debian etc. ? I'd be keen to understand why Fedora was selected.


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    Vortexbox 2.4 is based on the x86_64 version of Fedora 23.

    As I understand the state of things when Vortexbox was first released...

    Please don't flame me if you feel my characterization of a distro is wrong...

    Debian was a developer's Linux, and still is for the most part. That means that one had to be very careful while maintaining the system. The administrator had manage conflicts between various versions of software thus requiring a much more knowledgeable administrator. Dependency resolution was a real issue. Ubuntu was just arriving on the scene as a 'managed' Debian based distribution. Fedora had much better (easier to manage) ways to add and remove services than Debian distros, using systemctl. I know Ubuntu has adopted this ability since.

    Vortexbox was meant to be installed once and then require minimal linux administrator expertise to maintain the system.

    This is just what I recall as being some of the reasons.

    Looking at various distributions available today, I'd rather see Vortexbox move to a some distribution with Long Term Support versus just a more recent version of Fedora. Ubuntu, and Centos both offer this and we might see Vortexbox move in this direction.


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      Fedora works much better then Debian. Particularly for audio.

      Centos and Debian don't update their code much and this doesn't not work well when you are trying to keep up with all the latest audio formats and also the latest motherboards and hardware.