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two disk install and renew the OS on SSD

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  • two disk install and renew the OS on SSD

    I had trouble with ripping and found to reinstall the OS on the SSD.
    Disconneted my DATA Drive 8TB
    Installed OS on SSD all good and working
    wanted to add my DATA Drive to VOLGroup and failed.

    WARNING: Device for PV xxxx not found or rejected by a filter
    Physical volume /dev/sdb1 is already in Volume group `VolGroup
    Unable to to add physicall Volume /dev/sdb1 to volume group VolGroup

    anyone can help with adding my 8TB to the SSD without loosing the data ???

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    If the additional drive was previously the storage volume on another installation of Vortexbox, all you should need to do is edit /etc/fstab to mount the additional HDD as /storage as per the old 2.3 two disk installation instructions.

    I wasn't anywhere near a decent browser when I posted that. The instructions are at step 9 of this link: -

    If like me, you are not a great fan of using nano to edit config files, try doing it using WinSCP and navigating to the correct location.
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      hi Arcticpollen,

      thanks for answering,
      I have tried with
      /storage ext4 defaults 2 2 and /storage NTFS defaults 2 2 but ends up during start with: A start job is running for dev-StorageVM-lv_storage.device . . Timed out waiting for device dev-storageVM-lv_storage.device with failed to mount /storage tried to find under /etc the StorageVM but found only VolGroup now trying
      /dev/VolGroup/lv_storage /storage ext4 defaults 2 2 yeah it is starting without failures but does not have my data disk in staorage. I have no idea what I did and no moreideas. Any more help available here ?


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        Which of the post installation scripts did you run after re-installing the VB platform? I think I had a similar issue after one of my re-installs.

        If you detached your additional storage hard drive during the installation, then you should only need to run the script to set the size of the root partition: -

        Don't run the second script ( referred to at as it expands the default storage volume to fill the available space on the installation hard disk.

        I'm no Linux expert and I haven't looked into the commands that the scripts run so I have no idea how to undo what the script may have done.

        From memory, I just detached my second storage hard drive again and re-did the VB 2.4 installation making sure I only ran the script. Then you can re-attach the storage drive and edit /etc/fstab as mentioned above.


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          hi Arcticpollen,

          thanks again for answering.

          meanwhile I just reinstalled everything from bottom and put my backup into place.
          took about 2days with rsync.

          I just tried to save some time and learn something about Linux unfortunately without success.

          However my idea was to have an OS drive and a Data Drive which could easily expanded or the OS changed without timehassle.


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            I believe the problem was / is I have a sort of spanned /storage on the rest of the ssd and all the HDD and thats why i was not able to just reinstall the HDD.
            Meight that be possible ?
            And if, how to omit that.
            I want to have only a OS on SSD and DATA only on HDD.


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              "I want to have only a OS on SSD and DATA only on HDD"

              There is a lot of merit in this idea. Convenient and saves a tonne of time come upgrading.

              I have tried this in the past with 2.4 when it first came out, though I wanted to run the OS on a USB stick and storage on HDD. It would not work.
              I could install to USB fine but when I added the HDD as storage the OS kept spawning onto it. Cant remember the exact details but suspected that there were scripts that referenced fixed disks as opposed to the OS install... i assume that your SSD is internal and therefore not what you are experiencing.
              Am planning on trying again when new VB eventually appears.


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                See also and carefully read earlier threads:
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