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Old Mini Appliance running 1.10 - any point updating it?

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  • Old Mini Appliance running 1.10 - any point updating it?

    I bought this appliance about 8 years ago and at a certain point got really bored updating it only for it to stop working just afterwards so I left it at 1.10 as it was and has been working fine until just recently when it keeps disappearing from my network. Nothing has been changed apart from Windows updates - Windows 10. I managed to get it to connect and work so I bought a Buffalo Linkstation and copied all my music to it so that from now on I will use this as my source for Sonos. My question - is it worth the effort to attempt to update it to 2.4 bearing in mind I don't have a keyboard or monitor, or is it just easier to do a fresh install on an old laptop I have as obviously that has a keyboard and screen? I am really only going to want it for occasional ripping so don't really want to spend much!
    I have no knowledge of Linux, Fedora or indeed much of anything so it would need to be an idiot proof cheap method whatever is suggested!
    Thanks in advance

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    Upgrading a device with no screen will not be trivial... but you only want to rip occasionally ?? If that is all you need, then I would suggest that you install a windows or Linux (arguably better on older h/w) on your old laptop and run any of a large number of apps that will rip for you.


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      I will bear this in mind for the future as the Appliance has started to work again - connecting to the network (nothing changed so no idea what went on) - so I can use it for the very occasional cd that needs ripping. I've long since done all my old cd's and new material seems to be drying up. I used to buy a lot of second hand cd's off Amazon (UK) at very reasonable prices but they don't seem to keep hardly any really cheap ones anymore - I guess they might be hoping that we will all pay to download our tracks, which presumably causes people to buy less new cd's so there are less secondhand.
      Thanks for your help.


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        If you have an old PC laying around that has a newer Motherboard and larger drive then your current VBA, you could just build a new Vortexbox using the VB 2.4 install. If it were me, I wouldn't bother updating the older VBA as it is older Kit and will start having issues sooner rather then later. It is my opinion to locate a new host PC from PCs/parts you have laying about or buying a small form factor barebones PC or NUC. I recently built two VBA 2,4 units for neighbors out of refurbished lease return PCs. For $89, I picked up an off lease less then 2 year old I3, 4GB Ram, with 250 GB hard drive and who cares about the OS as it is getting replaced with 2.4 VB! Install an $89 4TB hard drive for file storage and its off to the races for under $200.