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Expand storage doesnt seem to be working

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    Are you sure your platform is 64bit.


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      Yeah it's 64 bit. Otherwise it wouldn't work at all.


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        Bump for help!


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          You can't upgrade to 2.4 from 2.3. Stay with 2.3


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            Ok, staying with 2.3

            I updated makemkv to 1.10.9 using instructions as here -

            Since then ripping is giving errors. It says "folder already exists" and "no tracks above 120 secs" and immediately ejects the disc and makes a folder with a weird alphanumeric name. The same disc was being ripped just fine with 1.10.4 or whatever that shipped with the VB 2.3 I have downloaded a long time back.

            Any suggestions? I believe its better to have 1.10.8 or greater since it has support for UHD discs.


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              Woe is me!

              So I am trying to make do with v2.3 but it wont let me add a second disk to storage. It does not recognize the command " /dev/sdb"

              Btw the instructions on this page use a sprinkling of sdb and sdb1 -

              Shouldn't all the references be to sdb if the second drive is recognized as sdb???
              A little help would be very greatly appreciated.


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                the wiki instructions are I believe for vb2.4. have you tried looking at the old wiki which has snapshots saved at wayback machine. you can also try using wayback machine to find some old forum posts about expanding storage.

                start here

                I am still on VB2.3, but I have only expanded storage, on 2 occasions, adding a new 2TB drive each time. That of course is not the same as simply adding a new drive for storage when you don't have "any" storage yet. There is something in the back of my mind about 2tb being the max size drive to do this "easily". I think you have to use gparted in the process if you want to use a drive larger than 2tb. probably not much help to you I am afraid but using a 6tb drive is not commonplace so not may people will have experience of doing that