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New HD for My VBA: need specs please

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  • New HD for My VBA: need specs please

    I purchased a V-Appliance from Small Green Computer about four years ago. It has been fantastic, but it's a 1T and getting full, and it's still at 2.2 software. My plan is to remove the 1T HD and replace it with a 2 or 3T and then upgrade to 2.4. I remember seeing some specs for the HD on this forum or wiki but I can't find the info now. So, my first question is: what specs should I look for while I'm shopping? Speed, SATA or not, connector type, etc? Thanks for any recommendations you can provide.

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    Recommend that you get a WD “Red” drive as it is doing so little work streaming music that you don't need a fast power hungry disk. (Western Digital “Red” SATA 5400rpm 64mb cache).
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      I think the "ideal " drives would be WD Red, or Seagate Ironwolf as server drives (constant use) though having said that I just throw in whatever is cheapest from WD or Seagate and they have done me well for a few years (touch wood) - just make sure you are backed up.


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        Yes WD read is a good one.