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How to back up to the cloud?

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  • How to back up to the cloud?

    I have my 2Tb Vortexbox files backed up to 2 USB drives stored in different locations, but the recent Northern California fires have me thinking of also backing up to a cloud service. The Wiki does not seem to cover this option. Any suggestions about how to best accomplish that? (I'm on a Win 10 PC).

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    Don't know myself, but I'm thinking that you might first identify a potential cloud backup service (google? Amazon, crash plan? etc.). Then review their instructions on backing up from a linux operating system. That might provide some clues.


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      Thank you for the suggestion, garym. I'm thinking of iDrive. I'll see what I can find out from them. Hopefully, some Vortexbox appliance users who have cloud backup experience will also have some suggestions.


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        I'm not sure if its still running though ACD_CLI was an open source client that would backup direct from Linux system (vbox) to Amazon Cloud Drive. Needed a bit of CLI knowledge though I am a noob and got it working. Need to log in via putty to use it.

        There were also instruction on how to then mount that drive as a virtual drive on your system removing the need for HDD storage, though I never got that far as Amazon changed it's costs from unlimited to $60 per tb so I decided not to invest any more time in it.

        ACD_CLI may have stopped though its worth having a look and seeing if there are similar replacements.


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          Thank you, jinjasta. I'll look into it.