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Best standalone, Windows-based, portable software

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  • Best standalone, Windows-based, portable software

    I love my Vortexbox. But I also like to listen to music in my car or go on long walks using my Windows-based tablet as a player. I copied my music to a SSD (using the backup function in LMS), bought a USB DAC to bypass the crappy one on the tablet, and then loaded a stand-alone package called Musichi to play it on my tablet. Technically, that works ok, but the Musichi software display is too cramped for a tablet.

    Does anyone know of a Windows-based, stand-alone, software package that is designed for a tablet? It needs to be able to handle the long composition names of classical music. Or is there another technical solution that I'm not considering here? The Squeezelite software (if I understand it right) seems to be dependent upon a Vortexbox-like NAS server, but again, maybe I don't understand it fully. Excuse me for asking what might be a really dumb question here, but I have been happily enjoying my at-home Vortexbox for the past 4 years and am now a bit clueless as to the latest things.

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    note there's a regular pc version and a mobile version.


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      Thanks, garym, I will check it out!